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  Very advanced, I hope that this blog will initiate many discussions and bring us forward with ideas and suggestions for new products and applications in the geotechnical and other applications. Keep us updated about the developments! A first discussion item: are norms and standards for geosynthetics becoming more important in Spain? Is CE marking becoming an accepted minimum requirement?

  Las mejores palabras para empezar algo que tiene un largo futuro. Espero y deseo que formemos parte de él.

  Thanks Max, We hope that this blog becomes in a channel between us and our friends, where the technical discussions and suggestion take place. Nowdays, the norms and standards for geosynthetics are more important than some years ago. The geotechnical solutions using geosynthetics are more and more frequents because of the fact that are faster and cheaper that the traditional solutions. But the RISK of a bad design and poor quality products is present in Spain. This is the main reason because the Engeeniers are asking for products according to standards and Norms . Of course CE Marking is an obligatory requirement for these products(We are in de UE!!! Also for this!!!) but it´s not enougth, and the Administration and project people know it.

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